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See theClass Schedule Section for information on our Public Boating Safety Classes

REGISTRATION for Flotilla 6-7 Sailing Skills and Seamanship Class September 6. 2018

REGISTRATION for Flotilla 6-7 Coastal Navigation Class September 6. 2018

REGISTRATION for Flotilla 6-10 Boating Skills and Seamanship Class September 6. 2018

Flotilla 67 Logo 55 years 1962-2017

Welcome to the Web Site for USCGAUX Flotilla 06-07 based in Santa Cruz, California on the northern shore of Monterey Bay.

This web site has been created to inform you of the activities of Flotilla 06-07 and invite you to safer boating. This site offers resources for members of the public and members of Flotilla 06-07. You will find information on public boating classes, our vessel inspection program, boating safety publications, and other public education programs. Links are provided to valuable information on the local marine environment and to other US Coast Guard web resources.

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Contact Information

Flotilla 0607 meets on the third Tuesday of every month downstairs at 365A Lake Street at the Santa Cruz Harbor, near the Harbor Marine boat yard. Members of the public are invited to attend our meetings. To contact members of our flotilla by e-mail regarding our various programs, please use the following e-mail links:

Program Member Title E-mail Address Info. on This Web Site
Membership FS0-HR Join the Auxiliary
Boating Safety Classes FSO-PE Flotilla 06-07 Public Classes
Boating Safety Classes FSO-PA Flotilla 06-10 Public Classes
Vessel Inspection FSO -VE Vessel Safety Checks
Program Visitations SO-PB uscgaflt67sc@yahoo.comm Publications
Operations FSO-OP What We Do
Flotilla Commander FC Join the Auxiliary
Flotilla Vice Commander VFC> Join the Auxiliary
Member Training FSO-MT cso@solopublications.comm Join the Auxiliary
Public Affairs FC Join the Auxiliary
This Web Site FSO-CS Web Site Policies

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What We Do

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SURFACE OPERATIONS - Flotilla Members perform safety and aids-to-navigation patrols in the Monterey Bay area, and on occasion in other areas. Auxiliary vessels and their crews work under the control of the Coast Guard, and aid in search and rescue (SAR), marine safety, and other missions. Auxiliary crew members and Coxswains qualify using the same boat crew training manual as used by Coast Guard Regulars and Reservists, and must satisfy annual currency maintenance. Auxiliarists are volunteers.

BOATING SAFETY - Auxiliarists from 06-07 teach classes to members of the general public and to members of the Auxiliary in Santa Cruz. Public classes include boating skills and seamanship (basic power), sailing fundamentals (basic sail), and basic and advanced coastal navigation. Auxiliarists also provide voluntary vessel safety checks and conduct other programs to enhance boating safety.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - Auxiliarists from 06-07 and other flotillas join Coast Guard active duty and reservists to aid NOAA and NMFS in managing the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Auxiliarists are deployed on Coast Guard Auxiliary surface and air missions.

COAST GUARD MISSION SUPPORT - Auxiliarists also volunteer to serve alongside regular and reserve members of the Coast Guard in operational and administrative programs. Flotilla members serve as radio watchstanders, and have served onboard Monterey and Santa Cruz based US Coast Guard vessels.

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Boating Safety Classes and Special Events

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Flotilla 06-07 works very closely with Flotilla 06-10 (Capitola) to offer boating classes for the general public. Whether you are a recreational boater, whether use your boat for commercial purposes, or whether you are just beginning to develop an interest in boating and boating safety, you will find our courses to be interesting, and valuable. This space will provide a calendar of upcoming classes and special events.

Flotilla 06-07 offers "Sailing Skills and Seamanship" and "Coastal Navigation" each year.
Class Title Registration Course Begins Course Dates Location *see note 1 Prerequisite Course Fee
Sailing Skills and Seamanship (SS&S)

Jan 3, 2018
(7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Learn more about this class

Jan 11, 2018
(7:30 PM)
Thursday Nights - 15 weeks Santa Cruz None $60
Coastal Navigation (CN)

Jan 3, 2018
(7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
Learn more about this class

Jan 8, 2018
(7:30 PM)
Mon Nights - 15 weeks Santa Cruz BS&S, SS&S or LGS *see note 2 $70.00
Sailing Skills and Seamanship (SS&S) Sept 6, 2018
(7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Learn more about this class

Sept 13, 2018
(7:30 PM)



Thursday Nights - 15 weeks Santa Cruz None $60.00

Flotilla 06-10 offers "Boating Skills and Seamanship" (basic power) and "Coastal Navigation" each year.
Class Title Registration Course Begins Course Dates Location *see note 1 Prerequisite Course Fee
Boating Skills and Seamanship (BS&S) Jan 3, 2018
(7:00PM -8:30 PM)

Learn more about this class

Jan 10, 2018

(7:00 PM)

Wednesday Nights - 13 weeks Santa Cruz None 60.00
Boating Skills and Seamanship (BS&S)

Sept 6, 2018
(7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Learn more about this class

Sept 12, 2018
Date to be announced
(7:00 PM)

Wednesdsay Nights - 13 Weeks

Santa Cruz None $60.00
Coastal Navigation (CN) Sept 6, 2018
(7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
Learn more about this class

Sept 10, 2018

(7:30 PM)

Mon Nights - 14 weeks Santa Cruz BS&S SS&S or LGS *see note 2 $70.00
note 1: Please note that unless otherwise posted all public classes conducted by Flotilla 06-07 and 06-10 are conducted at the conference room downstairs at 365A Lake Avenue at the Santa Cruz Harbor, near the Harbor Marine boat yard. Find it on Map Quest

note 2: BS&S = US Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Skills and Seamanship Course
SS&S = US Coast Guard Auxiliary Sailing Skill and Seamansip Course
LGS = US Coast Guard Auxiliary Sailing Let's Go Sailing Course

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Special Events

National Safe Boating Week!

National Safe Boating Week is held in May each year. This is an excellent time to learn more about safety on your boat and at sea. Obtain publications or have your boat inspected. Be safe at sea!

Look for news about National Safe Boating Week on this site as May approaches, and learn even more at the Coast Guard Auxiliary Booth at the Santa Cruz Harbor near the launch ramp on weekends during Boating Safety Week. Vessel examinations and special classes are planned each year.

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Vessel Safety Checks

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Does your vessel meet the requirements of safe boating law? Do you have the necessary safety equipment on board to ensure that you and your family will be safe at sea? Is your safety equipment operational and up to date? Contact our Vessel Examination Program staff for a free Vessel Safety Check.

A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a free examination of your boat. VSCs are usually conducted at Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor or other sites in the Santa Cruz area. Your boat will be well examined by one of our specially trained Coast Guard Auxiliarists, and you will be provided with a report of your vessel's compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations regarding boating safety features and equipment.

There is no penalty if your boat fails to meet full compliance. You will simply be given a report listing the deficiencies found, along with encouragement to make corrections on your own. Your boat may at your request be rechecked at some convenient time in the future.

For further information on how you can get your boat examined by one of the Safety Examiners here in Santa Cruz, California, please send e-mail to . Flotilla 0607 VSC Coordinator

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Join The Coast Guard Auxiliary

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The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has served as the civilian, non-military component of the United States Coast Guard since its creation by Congress in 1939. Today, the 33,000 volunteer women and men of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary are active on the waterways and classrooms across the nation. Each year, Auxiliarists save almost 500 lives and assist some 15,000 boaters in distress. Auxiliarists also conduct more than 150,000 courtesy safety examinations of recreational vessels, and teach over 500,000 students in boating and water safety courses, and help protect our valuable marine resources.

Why join the Auxiliary?

Help Save Lives: The Coast Guard Auxiliary needs a few good women and men like you to help make boating in America safer,and to protect our marine environment, not only by provision of direct services, but also by assisting in vessel inspections, and in training recreational and other boaters. As an Auxiliarist, you will have the opportunity to select and participate in one or more of the Auxiliary's major operational and educational programs.

If you wish to be of value to your community,and you love the sea and boating, the Coast Guard Auxiliary may the right place for you! You may choose to become involved in on-water Operations, the Auxiliary's Public Education Program, the Courtesy Vessel Safety Check Program, as a Radio Watchstander, as a Coast Guard Recruiter, or in the fields of Marine Environmental Protection or Coast Guard Administration.

Increase Your Nautical Skills: The Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Coast Guard provide specialized training for Auxiliary members on all aspects of boating, as well as leadership and administration. Auxiliarists receive valuable training in boat handling, navigation, communications, rescue operations, and related skills. This valuable training will give you the sense of confidence of knowing that you are a better and safer boater. Helicopter Exercise - heli2.jpg - 32438 Bytes

Support The Coast Guard: Auxiliarists provide direct operational and administrative support to many local Coast Guard units. You will be entitled to wear the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform and become part of "Team Coast Guard". When you qualify for your Auxiliary duties through boat handler and coxswain, or communications training, you will be able take part in Search and Rescue operations, stand radio watch at the Coast Guard Station. You may instead decide to work with the Marine Safety Office on pollution matters or work in the Recruiting Office.

Serve Your Community: Auxiliarists aren't paid with money, but with satisfaction. We are volunteers. We furnish and maintain our own equipment and can choose to participate at a level tailored to our individual capabilities. We provide boating safety classes for youth and adults and examine recreational vessels for safety equipment to ensure that our neighbors will be safe on the waterways.

Help Preserve Marine Resources:Auxiliarists who are residents of California's Central Coast also have the opportunity to assist in the preservation of marine resources in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and to receive special training to help prevent pollution of our rich marine environment.

Enjoy Being Part of The Team: We enjoy the good company of other Auxiliarists at meetings and training sessions, on patrols and other missions, and at ceremonies and social events. One of the Auxiliary's trademarks is good old-fashioned hospitality. Friends, neighbors and interested members of the public are always welcome to attend our flotilla meetings.

In addition, dedication to boating safety provides a pleasant atmosphere for sharing boating experiences and participating in cruises and rendezvous. You'll find a special camaraderie among Auxiliarists that's hard to beat. There's time to relax and have fun at Auxiliary outings, training sessions, patrols, classes, and conferences. Auxiliarists make lasting, meaningful friendships. Knowing that you belong to a special group of people who directly participate in saving lives and protecting our marine environment gives our Auxiliary membership a special meaning.

To Join Flotilla 06-07, please contact our FS0 - HR
or Flotilla Commander

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